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Inclusión in Motion                                              Wheelchair accecible transportation

Transportation in wheelchair for Persons with Temporary or Permanent Reduced Mobility

Welcome to Goxi

We are a company of private transportation for people with reduced mobility temporary or permanent, which seeks to address a need for mobilization accessible in the workplace, health and entertainment, in order to create fairness in society.

We transport whith

Sefety and Warmth

Goxi Chile - Inclusion in movement

Private transportation of passengers in wheelchairs, people whith reduced mobility, temporary or permanen, autovalent senior citizen and tourism

Clinical appoinments

  • Transportation to medical apoinments

  • Frequent therapies

  • To laboratory test

  • Support to dialisis

  • Transport to your work or any interest site

  • Assistance in and out of Santiago city

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Our Services

Recreational transportation

  • We can go with you and your family to the cinema
  • Transportation to weddings
  • Shopping to the mall
  • Go to dinner or to your friends
  • We go to the beach or to the sky center
  • We take you to any entertaining place you require
  • Assistance in and out of Santiago city

Other appoinments

  • Theatre

  • Opera

  • To your wok site

  • We take you to your favorite cruise or to the airport

  • Assistance in and out of Santiago city

Schedule your move sending an e mail


+56 9 6834 7267  /  +56 9 4418 9300

call directly to:

  • 24-hour service with appointment, previously scheduled during office hours
  • Until the confirmation of the service, Goxi Chile does not assume any responsibility with the user
  • Waiting time: $300 pesos per minute (night from 19:00 to 07:00 $350)
  • Schedule your transfer via e-mail or phone
  • Fixed prices per way, includes steps of portals and tolls
  • The programming of the service is done via e-mail or telephone during office hours and at least 24 hours before the service, which will be confirmed by the same route
  • All services are subject to vehicle availability
  • We do not provide emergency or ambulance service

Home / Schedule


Monday to Sunday (Saturdays from 1:00 p.m. and Sunday or holidays will have a surcharge of 25%, and also waiting time $350 pesos per minute).

Outside these hours will be confirmed by phone or email

Know the terms and conditions of the service:

  • Vehicles adapted and equipped with ramps for wheelchairs, anchors and safety belts
  • Passenger insured by a 3-point belt.
  • Lock indicator.

Inicio / Vehículos


  • Capacity: 2 wheelchairs plus 3 companions


  • Capacity: 2 people in wheelchair and 5 companions or 4 wheelchair and 2 companions.


  • Capacity: 2, 3 or 6 wheelchair plus up to 12 companions


  • Release lever with the foot.
  • Trained personnel with a high level of service.
  • Clamping kit for the wheelchair with 4 retractable anchors.

Do you have any questions or doubts? Write to us.

You can do it through this form or by calling our phones that appear below, we will respond immediately to your questions and requirements, delivering a service with the best professionals.


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